Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

This clattering old train I'm on
Is my last bound for home,
It's years since I've been back
But now I'm on a one-way track.

Will my hometown be the same
As I step down from the train?
Will anyone be there to greet me
With arms open, smiling sweetly?

Grandpa and grandma long are gone,
Dad passed leaving mom alone,
Family and friends I no longer know,
Faces of my youth from long ago.

I trust my letter was not in vain
And mother will meet the train,
I want to kiss her beautiful face
And hold her in warm embrace.

For many years I sailed the sea,
Thinking of home behind me,
Now I've aged from young to old,
No longer a lad brash and bold.

I've pined for the old home place
Far away from life's hectic pace,
I've been gone most of my lifetime,
Now I return to that home of mine.

I want to be in a Christmas snow
And watch summers come and go,
To smell roses and hear birds sing
As I rock in the old porch swing.

So rattle on you rickety old train
By tomorrow I'll be home again,
There is happiness waiting for me
At the river bend by a willow tree.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-02-04

Song title: "Sunflower River Blues"

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