Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I was raised till I filled my britches
Among the hills of central Texas,
A wildly rambunctious little laddie
With a sweet mama and stern daddy.

We where poor as a church mouse
With a leaky old tent for a house,
We ate brown beans and cornbread
And a cornhusk mattress was my bed.

I roved over those craggy hill crest
And knew birds by their nest,
I ran the river bottoms like a deer
And knew critters by the sound I hear.

I swam in rivers and bathed in a creek
And fished for supper in bayous deep,
I hunted those hills and canyons below
There was no scary place I wouldn't go.

I caught armadillos on a dead run
Burning up in the fiery Texas sun,
I chased many a squirrel up a tree
Putting cuts and scratches over me.

My first big kiss was by a crawdad hole
And I sang at church to save my soul,
I shined shoes on the street for pay
Then spent it at the Saturday matinee.

We were a ragtag family so very poor
Living on self-will and hardly more
But who we were made up for it all,
Hill country Texans proud and tall.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-16-04

Song title: "Poor Boy"

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